3 Little Things to Prevent Big-Time Office Renter’s Remorse

Darren Bilsborough New Office News

When creating a short-list of options for your new office, don’t get too carried away with the standard real estate questions of size, price and location, at least not at first. Instead it is highly recommended that you focus on how your choices can promote opportunities for happy staff and satisfied clients. After all, these are the two areas that will most likely influence the performance of your business.

This comes down to asking the right types of questions of your business and I cover these in another article here.  Once you have answered these questions and created a brief outlining the requirements for your new office space, you can then work with both your fit-out design team and selected leasing agents to short-list options. It is at this point that size, price and location will be key factors in your decision making.

After you have those options short-listed, investigating the following seemingly minor details, will go a long way to significantly mitigating the stress and regret that goes with making the wrong choice.

Make sure you check out these 3 little things;-

  1. Do I have an accommodating landlord?: I should imagine the initial response to this question is, “how would I know if I haven’t leased one of their properties previously?” The important issue here is to do some due diligence and speak with other tenants in the building and management/leasing agents in the market. You will soon get a reasonable idea of the risk to your future stress levels after a few conversations and pointed questioning.
  2. What is the property manager like and how is the response time from maintenance contractors?:  As per above, some judicious questioning of incumbent tenants and others in the marketplace will soon provide you with the answers. Positive responses to both of these items should go some way towards minimising future problems and the risk of regretting your choice of office.
  3. What are my neighbours like?: The approach for answering this question is not dissimilar to that for the 2 issues above, but might include some interrogation of building workers such as cleaning, security, car-park and maintenance staff. You might be surprised what you can find out when asking the right questions about your prospective fellow tenants. In the process you will mitigate the risk of making a huge mistake in the choice of your next office.