Could a New Office be your Greatest Productivity Hack?

Darren Bilsborough New Office News

Could there be anything lower on a business owner or manager’s TO DO list than the process of choosing their next office? Depending on the size of the business the search for a new office will likely be delegated to an EA, a junior partner, a sub-committee or even outsourced altogether.

For some enterprises the process may even go something like; – “Our lease runs out when? Oh s**t someone call the agent and let’s see what’s possible before we sign up to re-lease. At least we should check our options so that we can get a better negotiating position” …….any of the above sound familiar?

What if you could be shown that the above scenario was missing one of the greatest opportunities available to your business for dramatically improving its performance in terms of topline revenue and bottom-line profit, whilst also creating a life for yourself with much lower levels of day today stress? Would you then spare some more time to explore your options?

Would you be surprised if I told you that the right choice of future office for your business could; positively affect the accelerated growth of your business, attract the best and brightest to your business, directly contribute to reducing staff turnover and improve your workplace productivity.

What if I was then to go on to outrageously suggest that it is absolutely possible for your office rental costs to be completely offset as a result of these benefits. That’s right, your new office lease would essentially cost NIL….ZERO….NADA. Would that be worth exploring?

There are very few resources available to business owners and managers to assist them with matching the needs of their businesses to a process for evaluating the various workplace options that might be available to them in the marketplace.

These issues are explored in a new book, Don’t Worry About the Rent: Choosing New Office Space to Boost Business Performance and it makes the argument that the workplace is not just a destination, but an important tool in the suite of instruments available to anyone seeking to improve the performance of their business. The book walks the reader through a simple approach of focusing on the most important question a tenant needs to answer, to assist them in making a decision about whether to lease or not to lease. That question is “how will this decision affect my business”?

Targeted specifically at those responsible for running a business or for making the corporate real estate decisions on behalf of the business, this book shows you how your choice of office building can improve business performance by addressing the four key elements of risk and opportunity that exist when occupying office space.

Although it is a resource that has been primarily written for tenants to assist them in navigating the complexity of commercial property, it will appeal to anyone with an interest in commercial offices. Whether they are an architect, engineer, developer, leasing agent, in sales, property management, funds management or are a tenant looking for their next workplace, this book will provide them with valuable insights, lessons and pitfalls associated with the evaluation of commercial office space.