The 3 Biggest Problems When Choosing New Office Space

Darren Bilsborough New Office News

So what is the most important question that tenants should be asked when searching for new office space? Is it location? What about your spatial requirements and the size of your new office? Or maybe it’s budget?

The focus on selling office space to prospective tenants is rarely focused on what is most important to them in making a decision about whether to lease or not to lease. Therefore the most important question to be asked of a prospective tenant should be how will this decision affect your business?”

This is one of the key learning’s I have from living and working in the commercial property industry over many years, with both Architects and Engineers, leading industry associations, corporate real estate professionals and perhaps most importantly as a tenant myself.

There are very few resources available to business owners and managers to assist them with matching the needs of their businesses to a process for evaluating the various workplace options that might be available to them in the marketplace. As a result, businesses are generally faced with 3 major problems when attempting to evaluate their future office needs

  1. They have no framework to follow for determining value when considering issues such as location, access to services, property management and design.
  2. They don’t have the knowledge of engineering systems to really understand their impact on their business.
  3. They don’t know who to engage to help them in the process, as most of the consultants would appear to be too conflicted to provide independent advice.

At Office Space Matters we have developed a simple 4 step methodology detailed in the book “Don’t Worry About The Rent: Choosing new office space to boost business performance”, to assist business owners and managers with solving the above problems and assisting them with asking the right questions of their designers and leasing team.  The information contained within the book is targeted specifically at those responsible for running a business or for making the corporate real estate decisions on behalf of the business and can help you by;-

  • Focusing specifically on your needs as a tenant
  • Identifying the key risks that you as an owner or manager of the businesses should be concerned about when contemplating new office premises
  • Making the case that your choice of office building can provide an environment that contributes pro-actively to increased profit, just by following a set of simple guidelines focused on staff and clients.
  • Describing the opportunities that exist for your business by considering a range of factors associated with choosing the “right” office, including location, access to services, property management, design, building eco-systems and engineering systems